We make videos in our day job and when our ideas don't get money, we make them anyway. Because we like our ideas.

DAS Body Shame: Women come in all shapes and sizes but why do people feel the need to make us.

Women's bodies can have babies, but do we all want them? What happens when you have one? 

We took to the streets for equality. 

Produced, Directed and Edited by: @SalomeTheKool 

DAS talks to TV Producer Dan Dempster about what it means to be a young black man in the UK. 

Charlie speaks to Leena about the politics of YouTube and what it's like having a following online. 

DAS talks to Nicola Sian Thorp about taking a stand against sexist work dress codes.

UK rapper Shay D talks us about being a women in hip hop and controversy around lyrics and music videos.

A little taster of some chat from the DAS women when we were a fouresome. 

We spoke to mental health expert Natasha Devon about the Anxiety and the modern world.