The revolution began when I was told I couldn't do cart-wheels because people would see my knickers. I showed them my knickers anyway. Hot water bottle and pajama lover, constipated since 1985, first female shepherd at St Peter’s Infant School. I cry as much as I laugh. Producer, wife and daughter. Definitely not in that order.



Londoner with too many interests and not enough skills. Work inside your TV trying to make things that will stimulate your grey matter. I was the geeky Indian kid who read lots of books and had no friends. Now that I have friends I read less and talk too much. Still Indian, but don’t ask me where I’m really from. I like gender neutral things, the feeling of freedom, politically conscious hip hop, and the sea.

Making content is tough, and these talented women help us out. You can never betray the sisterhood. 



Brazen Hussey of the sideshow underworld, challenging what you thought you knew about sex. The stage is my home, my body is a piece of art. I can be a King, Queen and everything in between. Fat, fierce and fabulous.



Keeping it real in an unreal industry. I do make-up in the fashion and music industry. Born and bred Punjabi Sikh who grew up in a small English town full of white people. My heritage and traditions fuel me as much as they conflict me. A quaintrelle with her cards close to her chest, obsessed with 90s RnB music, an inherent love for the arts, empowering women, and drinking gin.



I’m a bookish, mischief-ish feminist. One of those youtube millenial with a penchant for poetry. I'll take you everywhere I go as we discover this crazy old world. I’m a woman of many hats; podcaster, producer, publicist, political - all the best P’s.



A full-time soca head that dabbles in photography and film. I twerk. I’m woke. I like to shake things up… boom! I love to travel, see the world and experience new cultures. I am passionate about telling compelling stories and placing the narrative back into the hands of the storytellers. Music moves me, pictures soothe me, and poetry heals me. Basically, I’m a black hippy.