das: the story so far

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Winter 2015, somewhere in London (… ok Charlie’s house)

Four young-ish women gather. A teapot is made. Stories of misogyny are told, we laughed we sympathised, we assembled. We said, why don’t we record this shit?

The DAS podcast was born.

Our simple purpose is allowing the sisterhood a voice to speak on how messy, exciting, frustrating and generally baffling being a woman can be. We choose topics we want to bring to the table, with a different person producing each episode. As middle-classed, London media types our lenses are but a very small slice from the pie of life. Yet still we speak, because the industries we work in, although changing slowly, are not yet speaking for us in the ways in which we’d like. The female experience does not discriminate in its choosing of who’s white trousers will be stained by that first drop of period blood, or the persistence of the gaze of your male employer or that social assumption if your pregnant in your teens your trouble or if your not pregnant by 35 you’ve failed to fulfil your purpose in life. We’re calling bullshit on all of it.

The name DAS? Why we hear you yell? I don’t think we’ll ever really be able to tell you because perhaps none of us really know. It just sounded strong but non confrontational, simple yet baffling that a group of british women would choose the German word for “the” as the title of their podcast. Alas our fair listeners we chose it and afterall The Beatles had a shit name! (when you take away the context, the music, the culture shifting, the romance aren’t all names shit when they stand alone?)

Series one broached the music vs women, we will never listen to Remix to Ignition in the same way again, Periods, at every wedding now we’ll have flashbacks to period stains on those white white fancy chairs and know that Ruby lost her virginity whilst the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack played in the background - DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!

We’ve grown from just four of us, to a mighty team sisters in the fellowship of DAS. With Ruby and Charlie heading up the main episodes and content we’ve now got a wider group of awesome women we love to collaborate with. Hanna and Caroline DAS’ two other founding members continuing in support but focussing on their other projects. We’re evolving and growing in exciting ways into a multimedia platform for all your sisterhood needs.

So here we are after 10 episodes and a few mini episodes, at the end of the first series. Woohoo! We’re excited to launch the second in 2018 and making more exciting content.

Remember, you can never betray the sisterhood.  WATCH THIS SPACE DAS BABES

Charlie Brades-Price