As women in the media, we feel that it’s important [in a world where so much of what we hear and read is owned, shaped or otherwise influenced by or for men] that as many women as possible are able and excited to be included in conversations about their own lives.

And we think a good way to do that is by letting you be part of our [usually] private conversations.

Basically, we want to talk. We want to disagree and confront each other; we want to comfort and console each other. Female friendships are sacred and powerful and these sorts of exchanges have gone on since the dawn of time, but usually in private. 

Now we want to unveil the conversation, to take what is usually private and make it public. To claim our place as narrators of our own stories, and share them with other women. To celebrate ourselves.

Make no mistake, every word that leaves our lips is a political statement.

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Charlie Brades-Price and Rubina Pabani